Building strong communities out of crisis

Breathe works closely with working class communities to develop strategies that build power, strength and resistance in the face of the climate crisis.

Community organising for climate justice

Our climate movements carry a sense of urgency and need for change. This can feel exhausting to so many communities already surviving the impacts of the crisis and more.

The founders of Breathe came together from different disciplines to build organising capacity with people to change this by building community leadership and creating community coalitions and campaigns that genuinely matter to the people most impacted by the many crises we face.

An effective, powerful and sustainable climate movement requires well-organised communities led by the people closest to the pain of the climate crisis. 

For solidarity, resistance and change rooted in...

Collective care

Love, respect, and justice.

Organised communities closest to the pain of the crisis

We are inspired by so much of the organising that comes before us

We want to acknowledge that we walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, organisers and activists worldwide.

Their fights for justice come from independence struggles, land rights campaigns, the fight for democracy, and the many conflicts rooted in the ownership of oil and energy.

We acknowledge that these struggles are our struggles, and together we can win for people, communities, and the planet. 


Community Organisers


The Work


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