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Atlas To Recovery

Showcasing the Atlas to Recovery. This remarkable multi-arts project explored the theme of recovery from mental health challenges and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by professional artists and facilitators Susan Clarke, Saul Hewish, Kath Stanway, Dan Higgs, Siobhan Mcaleer, Fateha Begum, Andrea Joseph, James Earls-Davis, Emily Andrews, and Cynthia Coady, in collaboration with community groups including B arts Advisory Group, The Social Agency, ASHA, Changes, and Growthpoint, this interactive exhibit is but one (and our first) example of great news in Stoke. The exhibit featured four large maps created using the decoupage technique, based on medieval maps called mappa mundi. Each map tells powerful stories of people’s experiences through imagery and text. Through the power of connection and collaboration, this project highlights the transformative power of art, resulting in an incredible work of art that reflects the many ways in which people come together to make lives better. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more updates on inspiring community work! #atlastorecovery #community #communityorganising #art #mappamundi #collaboration #stokeontrent #sou #thestoryofus #breathe #breathebuilds